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Analysis on main controlling factors of tight oil reservoirs in Chang-8 reservoir of Fu County, Ordos Basin

Liu Xiuchan1,Chen Xipan2   

  1. 1. School of Petroleum Engineering and Environmental Engineering, Yan'an University, Yan'an, Shaanxi 716000, China
    2. Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Co., Ltd., Yan'an, Shaanxi 716000, China
  • Received:2018-06-06 Online:2019-02-26 Published:2019-02-15


Based on the massive analytical data of core, we comprehensively researched on the main controlling factors of the tight oil reservoir according to the property and the storage space of the tight oil formation in Chang-8 reservoir of Fu County in Ordos Basin. Fine sandstone in Chang-8 reservoir contained the movable tight oil with low density and low viscosity, and mostly concentrated in micron-sized pore throats. The accumulation of tight oil was mainly controlled by three factors that were the source rocks of Chang-7 and Chang-9 reservoirs, the main accumulation mode of "the reservoir existed in the resource, and the resource existed in the reservoir", and the high quality reservoir with composite superimposed sedimentary sand body formed in the underwater distributary channel microfacies environment. Based on the controlling factors above, and combined with the current exploration results, we predicted 6 potential blocks of Chang-8 tight oil reservoir in Fu County, and provided the basis for the further exploration.

Key words: controlling factors of reservoir formation, tight oil, Chang-8 reservoir, Fu County, Ordos Basin

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