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Challenges and countermeasures for exploration and development of normal pressure shale gas in southern China

FANG Zhixiong   

  1. Sinopec East China Oil and Gas Company, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210019, China
  • Received:2019-08-07 Online:2019-10-26 Published:2019-10-26


Normal pressure shale gas is one of the main types of shale gas exploration and development in China. It has great resource potential and broad prospects. In recent years, Sinopec East China Oil and Gas Company has continued to carry out normal pressure shale gas exploration and practice in Nanchuan-Wulong area of the basin-margin transition zone in southeastern Chongqing. Positive progress has been made in the following aspects such as basic geological theory research, low cost engineering technology research, green mine construction of normal pressure shale gas. The enrichment and high yield geological theory of “three factors controlling gas”, and the classification and evaluation standard and the target evaluation system of shale reservoirs are established. Six low cost engineering technologies of normal pressure shale gas are proposed, that is, low density 3D seismic exploration, well completion at the “second” section, “drop ball steering+continuous sand addition”, “three steps” fracturing sand addition, electric fracturing and high efficiency drainage gas production. The development technology strategy of normal pressure shale gas is preliminarily formed. The integrated green exploration and development mode is put forward. More breakthrough and efficient development of normal pressure shale gas exploration are realized. Normal pressure shale gas shows a good prospect of exploration and development. However, the exploration and development of normal pressure shale gas in China is still in its infancy and exploration stage. There are still many challenges in aspects such as theoretical innovation, technological breakthrough and benefit development. So that five countermeasures are proposed for the development of China’s normal pressure shale gas industry: ①deepen the research on the main controlling factors of shale gas enrichment and high-yield, and strengthen the target evaluation; ②speed up the research on the supporting technology of excellent drilling and completion for the further acceleration and efficiency increasing; ③strengthen the research on high-efficiency fracturing technology to increase production, reduce cost and increase efficiency; ④strengthen the research on the production rule of normal pressure shale gas, and formulate the technical strategy of benefit development; ⑤fully implement the integrated operation mode of shale gas geological engineering, improve the management quality and create benefit. These countermeasures are counted on accelerating the development of normal pressure shale gas industry in China.

Key words: southern China, normal pressure shale gas, wufeng formation-longmaxi formation, exploration and development, geological engineering integration

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