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Comparative studies on methane isothermal adsorption models of shale of Longmaxi formation in Pengshui area

TANG Jianxin   

  1. (Shale Gas Project Department of Nanchuan, East China Oil and Gas Company, SINOPEC, Chongqing 408400, China)
  • Received:2019-04-08 Online:2019-08-26 Published:2019-08-28


In order to study the simulation effects of different isothermal adsorption models on isothermal adsorption experiments and better describe the adsorption rule of shale methane, isothermal adsorption experiments were carried out on seven core samples from well PY1 in southeast of Sichuan Basin. The experimental results showed that the maximum excess adsorption amount was positively correlated with the organic matter content, and the maximum correlation coefficient was 0.859 4, while it was negatively correlated with clay minerals. The experimental results were simulated by different models. The simulation results of different models were quite different. Among them, the correlation coefficient fitted by the Langmuir model was the best, while the maximum excess adsorption amount obtained by the SDR model was the largest. Followed by that was the fixed Langmuir model. Both the SDR model and the modified Langmuir model had corrected the excess adsorption amount of the experimental results, but from the correction results, the adsorption phase density obtained by the SDR model was the most reasonable. Finally, the fixed density correction Langmuir model and the SDR model were considered to describe the adsorption of methane in the shale more accurately, which could guide the calculation of the shale adsorption gas content better.

Key words: Pengshui area, Longmaxi formation, shale gas, isothermal adsorption, langmuir, SDR model

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