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Influence of fracturing parameters on development effects of shale gas wells in southeast Sichuan basin: A case of well LP-133HF

Liu Xin1,Zhang Lina1,Zhang Yaozu2   

  1. 1. East China Oil and Gas Company, SINOPEC, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210000, China
    2. Shengli College of China University of Petroleum, Dongying, Shandong 257100, China
  • Received:2018-03-19 Online:2018-10-26 Published:2018-12-05


Before the design of the horizontal wells' fracture, we took the well LP-133HF in the half deep to deep layer of the overpressure shale gas reservoir in southeast Sichuan basin as the research object. And by the software--CMG, we established the numerical model of the single well to simulate the sensibility of the fracture parameters of the horizontal wells and analyze the potential production promoting factors. The results showed that four factors, that is, the fracture conductivity, fracture half length, fracturing length and well spacing, affected most on the development of the shale gas wells, while the single fracturing length had the minimal effect and negative correlation. Finally, we obtained a set of fracturing parameters suitable for well LP-133HF, which is proved to be credible in field application. This analysis method is reliable and applicable for the guidance of the fracturing design. It has certain promotion significance.

Key words: shale gas, production analysis, CMG, fracturing parameter, fracture conductivity

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