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Research and field application of downhole throttling technology for shale gas wells in south block of Pingqiao area

YUAN Hang,GU Hongtao,LI Jiaxin   

  1. (Shale Gas Project Department of Nanchuan, East China Oil and Gas Company, SINOPEC, Chongqing 408400, China)
  • Received:2019-03-18 Online:2019-08-26 Published:2019-08-28


Although the traditional surface process of shale gas field can effectively solve the problem of hydrate blockage, there are still many other problems such as safety production and green economy development existing in gas fields. The downhole throttlingtechnology can simplify the ground flow, lower the cost of investment, reduce the risk of gas test on the ground, and ensure on-site safety. However, due to the influence of geological conditions and the production rule of gas and liquid, it has not been applied in shale gas fields at home and abroad. By analyzing the applicable conditions of downhole throttling technology in high-pressure shale gas wells in south block of Pingqiao area, and comparing changes of gas volume and pressure before and after the application of this technology for single well, and the downhole depth, aperture and downflow time of downhole throttling were clarified. The results proved that this technology could not only effectively avoid the formation of hydrates in the high-pressure shale gas wells in south block of Pingqiao area, but also significantly reduce the pressure of the wellhead and the ground pipeline, simplify the ground flow, and have significant economic value and good application prospects.

Key words: south block of Pingqiao area, downhole throttling technology, high-pressure shale gas wells, simplification of processes, gas mouth, low pressure gas gathering

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